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Scabies Cure: Stop that Itch!

Cure for ScabiesWhen you’re suffering from a skin infection caused by a human mite, you might need a scabies cure.

About Scabies

The mite that causes scabies is called Sarcoptes Scabiei. This mite has a flat body that’s one third of a millimeter long. It’s transparent and hard to see with the naked eye. As soon as it burrows in the surface of your skin it starts to breed. The eggs that the female mite lays reach maturity within 14 to 17 days, and when you get infested, a scabies rash begins.

When someone in your family has scabies, you have to start with scabies cures in order to prevent it from spreading. Continue reading

Different Scabies Cream for Your Itchy Skin

Scabies CreamScabies is a skin infection caused by the Sarcoptes mites. So basically anything that kills or stops these skin parasites eventually gets rid of scabies. However, not all scabies treatments are equal. Scabies cream, in particular, differs in strength, components and even in side effects.


One of the most common scabies creams prescribed to patients is Permethrin. Continue reading

How to Kill Scabies Quickly and Easily

How To Kill ScabiesScabies is a condition referring to the skin infection by the Sarcoptes mite. It is highly contagious and a bit difficult to get rid of because of the ease and the rate at which the mite spreads. However, it is not impossible to prevent or get rid of. In fact, here are some quick and easy ways how to kill scabies:


Sulfur has been considered an effective scabies remedy for centuries. Nowadays, sulfur is incorporated in some bath soaps to address this particular problem. In fact, according to documented studies, Continue reading