Scabies Cure: Stop that Itch!

Cure for ScabiesWhen you’re suffering from a skin infection caused by a human mite, you might need a scabies cure.

About Scabies

The mite that causes scabies is called Sarcoptes Scabiei. This mite has a flat body that’s one third of a millimeter long. It’s transparent and hard to see with the naked eye. As soon as it burrows in the surface of your skin it starts to breed. The eggs that the female mite lays reach maturity within 14 to 17 days, and when you get infested, a scabies rash begins.

When someone in your family has scabies, you have to start with scabies cures in order to prevent it from spreading. This is a highly infectious disease that can be spread through close contact and touch of the skin. The clothes of an infected person may also spread the scabies rash; and therefore, it’s imperative that you cure it quickly.

How to Cure Scabies

It is best advised that if someone is suffering from scabies in your household, that you seek either natural scabies treatment or a prescription from your doctor. There are a variety of mite killer lotions and creams that are readily available in the market that can either be an effective cure for scabies or not. How well a product works for you really depends on your physiology. For example, you could be allergic to some chemicals in a certain cream.

When you have scabies, you can take an oral dose of ivermectin. This antiparasitic medication works as a scabies cure. It can cure itching and infestation of scabies mites with a single dose.

You can also use soap, lotion or cream that has extracts of Manuka. This product is a one kind of natural cure for scabies. Once applied to infected skin, it cures scabies and also treats symptoms of itching – usually within a week.

You can also apply neem oil to infected areas of the skin. This oil kills the mites that breed under your skin and also soothes the irritation in the skin. Once it starts working on you, you should prevent reinfestation by placing neem leaves in your bedding.

Wash your clothes, towels and bedding with hot water and dry them under the sun. You also need to soak articles and items you use on your hair in hot water. This is to get rid of the scabies mites and help with your scabies cure.

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