How to Kill Scabies Quickly and Easily

How To Kill ScabiesScabies is a condition referring to the skin infection by the Sarcoptes mite. It is highly contagious and a bit difficult to get rid of because of the ease and the rate at which the mite spreads. However, it is not impossible to prevent or get rid of. In fact, here are some quick and easy ways how to kill scabies:


Sulfur has been considered an effective scabies remedy for centuries. Nowadays, sulfur is incorporated in some bath soaps to address this particular problem. In fact, according to documented studies, bath soaps that contain at least 6% sulfur can kill scabies if used daily for 4 consecutive days.

Aside from bath soaps, sulfur in ointment combined with petroleum jelly can be another solution for how to kill scabies. Not only is it cheap, you can also easily produce this solution on your own, making it one of the most practical home remedies for scabies of all time.


Some insecticides, such as Malathion, have also been reported to effectively eliminate adult scabies mites as well as their eggs. However, the chemical is toxic and its potential to be metabolized by the body into Malaoxon, a more potent and more dangerous substance, makes it a risky and a questionable treatment.

Topical medication

Permethrin is one of the strongest topical medications that doctors use as an answer for how to kill scabies. But, the allergic reaction that is often associated with it often makes this substance a last resort rather than the primary option. Its application involves direct contact with the skin, usually before bedtime. Afterwards, it is then allowed to stay on the skin for a period of 8 to around 14 hours before having it showered off in the morning.

Lindane is a lotion that can also be used as a scabies treatment. Just like Permethrin, it has been proven to cause allergic reactions, especially if instructions in the label are not followed.

Herbal oils

Neem oil is recognized as a natural insect deterrent. Aside from repelling mosquitoes and other pests, it apparently has the ability to kill scabies mites. However, because its components contain substances similar to Permethrin, it is generally not recommended for people that show negative reactions to the said insecticide.

For more ways how to kill scabies quickly and easily, follow the natural treatment plan in the scabies 24 hour natural remedy report, and you should never have to worry about that annoying itch again.

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