Natural Scabies Treatment for Drug-free Relief

Natural Scabies TreatmentWhile it is relatively easier to address the itch caused by scabies, getting rid of the mites that cause them is a bit more difficult, which is why greater effort is being put into the search for natural scabies treatment.

Why go natural instead of using drugs?

While some of the recognized drugs for scabies work better than most natural scabies remedies, they also cause a whole set of other health problems as well. In fact, most, if not all, scabies drugs are carcinogenic, or are found to contain chemicals that have been suspected of causing cancer.

Some are associated with seizures and lymphoma. Others are recognized for toxicity extent as indicated in their labels, even being possibly lethal if ingested.

Natural scabies treatment options

On the other hand, using a scabies home treatment is not just cheaper; it is also significantly safer and easier to get a hold of. Some of the treatments include:

  • Boiled Onion Skin
    Onion is a natural antibiotic. The extract from the leaves as well as the bulbs have chemicals that deter microbes as well as insects. This makes onion a good scabies natural treatment. In order to prepare an effective solution for scabies, onion skin is usually boiled in water. This is then applied topically to the area of the skin where infection is found.
  • Neem Oil
    Neem tree also produces oil that repels insects. In fact, this particular oil contains substances similar to the components of the popular insecticide Permethrin. Because of this, neem oil is also used as a natural scabies treatment.
  • Tea tree Oil
    Another tree that produces natural insect-repelling properties is Tea tree. Tea tree oil has been used in test tube experiments and is proven to work better than most natural treatments for scabies. However, clinical trials still produce inconclusive results.
  • Sulfur Bath
    Sulfur has been used to treat scabies for a very long time. Recently, it has been incorporated in bath soaps to make application more convenient. According to reports of users, using bath soaps take around 4 weeks to clear the infection. It may not be the strongest natural scabies treatment, but it sure is one of the easiest to use.

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  1. Kath

    We are struggling to rid ourselves of scabies due to the fact that our granddaughter is 16months and was disagnoised with scabies at 1 week then on a drip at 4weeks covered. Not all people itch meaning for us that the mother and her family will not treat themselves. This is so frustrating as its on going and people just dont listen. Child Youth and Family NZ are totally useless when it comes to assisting us . They insist on her having contact with them yet do nothing to address the issues causing our poor wee girl to be continously infected and then again ourselves. I use the cream and sit with a magnifying glass its horrific how many black dots and tunnels appear Im totally frustrated and feel like its never going to go away


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