Different Scabies Cream for Your Itchy Skin

Scabies CreamScabies is a skin infection caused by the Sarcoptes mites. So basically anything that kills or stops these skin parasites eventually gets rid of scabies. However, not all scabies treatments are equal. Scabies cream, in particular, differs in strength, components and even in side effects.


One of the most common scabies creams prescribed to patients is Permethrin. This particular ointment or cream makes use of the substance’s insecticidal properties to eliminate the mites causing the infection.

Essentially Permethrin is a neurotoxin that kills insects such as mites. It has low toxicity in mammals and is clinically proven to be poorly absorbable by the skin. However, it is lethal to fish as well as cats, which is why some people are still hesitant about using the said scabies cream as a first aid to infection.


For patients who did not get positive results with permethrin treatments, Malathion scabies cream are recommended. A more potent insecticide than permethrin, Malathion produces better results than the previous cream for scabies.

However, the inherent component in this treatment is associated with a number of health issues. Malathion, when absorbed or ingested by humans, readily metabolizes into Malaoxon. While Malathion is considerably less toxic, Malaoxon is a more serious health risk.


Another neurotoxin that kills insects and mites is Lindane. As a scabies treatment, it is also more potent than Permethrin. In fact, it is classified as a Moderately Hazardous material according to the World Health Organization. By 2009, it was been banned as an agricultural pesticide, yet it remains present in various medicinal creams like those used to treat skin scabies. And even today, it continues to be used as a second-line treatment.

Sulfur ointments

Because sulfur has been used long before any of the synthetic drugs came to be, it continues to be an effective scabies treatment. As a cream for scabies, sulfur effectively eliminates mites from the skin’s surface. However, unlike the previous creams mentioned, sulfur-containing creams take longer to produce results and require more frequent applications. They are also less toxic and therefore, safer than other synthetic treatments.

Herbal oil creams

The latest cream for scabies utilizes oils from known insect-repelling trees. More specifically, this scabies cream makes use of the natural insecticidal properties of neem and tea tree in order to kill mites.

These are the most common types of scabies cream available today. Personally I would only choose the harsher prescription treatments, like Permethrin and Lindane, AFTER trying all the safer, natural alternatives first.

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