Scabies Home Treatment – For Lasting Relief

Scabies Home TreatmentEven after going to your physician, you can still try scabies home treatment to hasten your recovery and prevent reinfection. Scabies infect the skin by creating a burrow and causing a rash in the affected site. The skin infection affects everyone regardless of age, social status, gender, and race.

Because it can be a serious problem, especially for those with a depressed immune system, you have to support your medication with some home treatment for scabies. Here are the things you can do:

Improve Personal Hygiene

Improving your personal hygiene can help reduce the occurrence of rash scabies. Cut your fingernails and toenails and clean them thoroughly to remove the adult mites, including their eggs. The parasites are likely to lodge in your nails when scratching the rashes. By keeping them clean, you prevent the spread of the mites to your other body parts.

Wash Infected Linens

When you have been diagnosed with scabies, include in your scabies remedies the proper washing of your linens. Since the mites adhere to your clothes, bed sheets and towels, make sure to wash them with hot water. Soak the linens to kill the mites. Dry them with a heater and not just with air-drying to ensure that not a single mite can survive the whole process. Otherwise, the single surviving mite can reproduce and cause reinfection.

Treat the Whole Family

Mite infection is a familial disease. Since it is highly contagious, infection of one family member affects the others. If you want to be successful with your scabies home treatment, be sure to include all household members in the treatment.

Clean the Surroundings

The human mites can survive even on inanimate objects, like the stuffed toys and carpets. When treating the infection, include in your cleaning list the objects that you are most likely to get in contact with. Vacuum your carpets, rugs, car interior, and furniture thoroughly. Do not let the vacuum bags stay in the house. Dispose of them at once to avoid harboring the mites in your house.

Avoid Scratching

Much as you want to relieve the symptoms of the infection through scratching, this will only worsen the condition. Scratching can lead to open sores, which can be the start of secondary infection with bacteria. When you rub the infected site, some of the eggs can stay in your nails; and if you fail washing your hands, the eggs in your fingers can spread out. You may just use antihistamine to reduce the symptoms. Ask your doctor about it.

Even when you follow the medications for any scabies treatment, your efforts will not be successful if you fail to do these techniques. Follow this scabies home treatment and get lasting relief from your skin problem. What you can also do is try natural remedies like the tea tree oil scabies treatment.

The Ultimate Scabies Treatment?

When I had scabies, I was determined to use 100% natural remedies, and ones that actually work. That is when I discovered Joe Barton’s Scabies 24-Hour Natural Remedy Report – a resource jam-packed with the best ways to get rid of scabies without using any harmful drugs or creams. It helped treat my scabies fast, and it may just help you too.

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  1. Penny Marie

    A friend of my 20 year old son came over and stayed a couple days , she left itching and with red bumps all over her . It was scabies and him and i got them. We are very clean people. Our doctor called in Permethrin cream 5% for my son and I, he kept it on all nite but i could not stand it ,that stuff really pissed them off ,but the side effects scared me so I rinses the off . I spent hours and hours on line and this is what i learned : they are hard 2 get rid of . first off pick 2 pair of clothes loose fitting do not touch any other clothes change 2 times a day,wash b fore you put them back on including towels and wash cloth , use a wash cloth , wash in hot water and a very hot dryer and pillows in dryer 20 minutes. wash every sheet ,blanket and pillow case the same way ! I slept on the couch so my husband wouldn’t get them . Use RID bed and couch spray and spray whereever you sleep and sit, including computer area . I took a bath with 1 cup of bleach and hott water stay in as long as you can ,scrub with washcloth . but that didn’t work 4 my hair don’t gat bleach in hair . I seen that the most used thing 4 these bugs was a very hot bath with 2 cups of Borax (in laundry area) put a hand ful of shampoo in hand and pour borax over shampoo wash hair thoroughly and keep in ,get a wash cloth with lots of soap or body wash pour lots of borax on cloth also and scrub like crazy ,yes it is a bit harsh but well worth it ,I promise ! Stay in bath as long as you can , rinse and dry very good ,then apply Gold Bond medicated foot powder ,triple action put all over body, hair and private parts .the mites hate the menthalatom and the itch goes away it is very soothing use as often as you feel like . the doctor can provide you with pills too take , 2 of them and then 14 days later you take 2 more too kill the eggs that are hatching . continue with all the other instructions during the 14 days and a couple days more ,I also found a product called chiggers plus ,4 chiggers ticks,and all bug bites you can find it in the bug bites and hair lice section, it is a white bottle and red top . I took a bath and dried very good then applied all over body including private places , it will sting a little and feel very cool , please indure those few minutes cause it is so worth it. Have patients it took us a month too get rid of the mites .I cried and cried cause I have OCD and could not stand the feeling of the mites crawling on me . Good luck !I’m praying 4 you !!!thanks

  2. Penny Marie

    O ya pour 1 cup of the borax in bath water. They say that the pills have side effects , My son and I had none, God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Larry

    KILL THEM NOW I have been bitten by these bastards for 2 months now and have the bumps under my skin on my arms, legs and stomach. I tried the bug bombs and sprays from Home depot. worked for 3 days and they were back biting. I went to the healthfood store, got the neem oils from India and tea oils from Australia, helped but they did not go away. I was going crazy. I got on the internet and saw a home remedy cheep. Go to your grocery store get Borax laundry detergent $4 and hydrogen peroxide $2. In the morning sprinkle the borax on your bed and carpets and hell, all over. when you get home. Get a 6oz. 8oz. spray bottle 4 tea spoons of borax and 2oz. of peroxide. shake like crazy you have to desolve the borax. spray all over your body and wipe it in and go to bed. I did this just last night and NO BITES thank GOD the 1st night sleep no crawling and bites. Im doing this for 2 months every night so they starve and the eggs die. Im not going to be a bug buffet every night anymore. Lets all KILL those little bastards !! It works – your welcome, Larry


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