Scabies Treatment: Simple Treatment for Scabies

Scabies TreatmentGetting scabies treatment is essential if you’re suffering from the skin infection. Because of the extreme itchiness, I’m sure you’re finding the symptoms irritating.

The main cause of your rash is the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis – a human mite that lays its egg in your skin. Because the tiny culprit can live up to several months, the symptoms can lasts for months and even years. If you experience an unexplainable itch, it is best to seek treatment for scabies.


Untreated scabies can lead to unpleasant skin rashes. However, if you get prompt diagnosis, you can learn how to treat scabies immediately and free you from the pestering symptoms. Most of the time, the treatment will not only target to kill the mite, but to relieve you from the symptoms as well.

Prescription creams like 5% permethrin and lindane are often used in the topical treatment of scabies. Just apply the cream on your skin, paying particular attention to skin folds and webs between the fingers and toes. Since the mites are microscopic, it will be difficult to see them with the naked eye. Therefore, the safest way for scabies treatment is not to miss any part of your body.

Medicated Soap

To support the creams, you may also consider using medicated soap containing sulfur. A 6% concentration is ideal to kill the mites in your skin. Sulfur is one of the most traditional ways to deal with the infection. Wash your whole body using the soap for four consecutive days.


In some instances, your doctor can prescribe an oral medication for treating scabies. The pill, ivermectin, is another effective way to treat the skin problem. However, if your body is responding well to the medicated creams, your physician may no longer require you to take the oral meds. This medication is not advisable for pregnant women and very young children.


In severe cases of scabies where rashes and sores develop, antibiotic therapy may be considered as part of the scabies treatments. This is to prevent further infection with microbial organisms. Otherwise, secondary infection can occur and lead to the destruction of underlying tissues. If you go for the antibiotic scabies cure, be sure to finish the whole course of treatment to ensure its efficacy.

In treating the mite infestation, you have to be patient since the problem will not go away overnight. The course can last for two weeks. If the symptoms persist, better consult your physician. He may recommend other scabies treatment for you.

Going the Natural Route

Of course many people these days want to go the natural route, and use remedies that are free from harmful chemicals and side-effects. If you plan to go this way, then the ideal solution would to use the advice outlined in the Scabies 24-Hour Natural Remedy Report. It includes the most effective natural scabies treatments and how to use them properly to get rid of your scabies fast and for good.

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